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    Bring furniture to life

    Truly highlighting “The Charm of Chalk”, Autentico Vintage Furniture Paint is the master class. It is the perfect model for what it really means to use chalk in your paint. Our first paint and certainly what we are most famous for is highly porous, rich in colour and perfect to use with our range of decorative products.

    Absolute Top Performance

    Developed for all areas where even the best standard chalkpaint isn’t suitable, Vivace is our must-have paint for critical areas, such as wooden doors (interior and exterior), skirting, corniches and all areas that require special attention. Vivace is particularly suitable for painting exterior doors and frames, wooden windows and frames because of the extremely fine grade and ideal viscosity. The risk of coat adherence is brought back substantially by using special production methods.

    Paint with style and strength

    Autentico Versante has been formulated with the ideals of versatility in mind. The built-in moisture membrane and UV filter makes it water resistant and prevent colours from fading. Versante Matt is suitable for all areas including kitchen cupboards, bathrooms and high traffic hallways, as well as withstanding the needs of exterior furniture and fencing.

    Love your walls

    Autentico Velvet is our superior water-based, ultra-matt and strengthened paint for walls and ceilings. Autentico Velvet achieves excellent adhesion and a long-lasting, breathable finish with true depth of colour.

    Create timeless texture

    This high quality lime paint is designed to give a long lasting, unique finish with superior coverage and beautiful depth of colour. In creating Autentico Venice, we have embraced the unique properties which originally made lime paint so popular.

    Get the look and feel

    Autentico Volterra is a heavy bodied, 100 % mineral plaster-paint, made with premium quality ingredients. Due to its naturally high pH, Volterra is mould- and bacteria resistant. With the ready-mixed Volterra, having a Tadelakt designers-wall or a concrete-look wall has come within reach of many. The application of Volterra paint is quite easy to adopt and suitable for DIY.

    Nourish and Protect

    Autentico Grandiose hard wax oil is a high-performance protective coating for untreated wooden surfaces such as furniture and flooring and surfaces painted with Autentico Vintage or Velvet.
    Natural oils and waxes are used to provide the surface with a deep and natural look whilst protecting the surface from stains, moisture, dirt and everyday use.

    Permeable Protection

    Velature is a siloxane coating made to protect vertical surfaces without losing permeability. At the same time it creates an antiqued effect and enhances colour and texture. Therefore ideal to use on walls painted with Venice lime paint or Volterra mineral texture paint. Velature is easy to apply in just one coat with a damp sponge.

    Texture and Charm

    Va Bella Autentico is a cement-free fine lime mortar based on natural hydraulic lime and mineral fillers. It adds an authentic appearance to and controls moisture on exterior and interior walls. Va Bella Autentico creates charming texture without losing the underlying the typical outlook of the underlying substrate.

    Va Bella Autentico comes in 25 KG buckets and needs to be mixed with 7 L of water and 400 grams of lime compatible powdered pigments.

    The yield/coverage depends on the condition and texture of the substrate. On average, a 25 KG bag (mixed with water and pigment) covers around 25-30 m2

    Handmade Brushes

    Our hand-crafted, synthetic brushes are the perfect match for our range our chalk and lime paints. With flat, oval and decorative brushes available, a professional finish can be created with ease.